Chad Hartley – Lead Vocals/Keys/Harmonica
Brandon Philbrook – Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals
Jeremy Blazon – Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals
Josh Philbrook – Bass/Backup Vocals
Tyler Philbrook – Drums/Backup Vocals

It was the summer of 2008 two like-minded musicians Chad Hartley and Tyler Philbrook crossed paths and began playing music together. True to each of their rural upbringings, their practice space required a “short” hike into the woods to reach. After a brief time with a noticeable lack of sonic diversity they recruited Tyler’s brother, Brandon Philbrook on guitar. With as many lineup changes as there were name changes, those early days were fraught with challenges. The journey to their first show included a battle to make it through the deep mud and being pulled over by police. Despite the difficulties, they remained determined to push through with a mission to bring their brand of rock that pulls influences from a wide range of sub genres.

2010 was the year they took off when it comes to their live shows. With the help of other local bands and a new bassist named Ben Schaller, they were able to secure shows all over Maine from Houlton to Portland. After the departure of Ben, they brought in Brandon and Tyler’s brother Josh Philbrook and were poised at that time to set out on a long-time dream to record an album. Covid delayed that dream for a couple of years but finally the dream came true in 2022 with the release of their debut album “Share Your Love” a 10-track showcase of the band’s diversity. With an album released and a brand-new rhythm guitarist named Jeremy Blazon, the band is ready for anything coming their way. As they work on their sophomore effort entitled: “Fortune Teller” their fortune and future does indeed seem bright because according to members of the band: when you get to continue bringing your music to people who want to hear it, there is no greater achievement as a musician.


Had the hormonal disorder acromegaly, which causes the release of excess growth hormone and in Chad’s case, resulted in gigantism. His size helped Chad dominate the sport of wrestling in the 1970s and ’80s. He made millions, became world famous, and found crossover success in the movie The Princess Bride. Near the end of his career, Chad faced off with Hulk Hogan in 1987’s WrestleMania III. Chad died at the age of 46 in his native France.


Lead Guitarist. Started with Shaw Hill in the wee early stages of the band bringing influences from a wide variety of styles, ranging from heavy metal to reggae.


Rhythm Guitarist. Joined Shaw Hill in 2022. Has a punk rock, indie folk background. He may be small in size but throws out super loud sounds. Just don’t feed him after midnight.


Bass. Started out as just a fan of the band back in the day. Inspired by his brothers, he has worked on perfecting his craft of badass Bassing over the last few years. Influences range in genre from punk rock, classic rock to metalcore and many more.


Drums/Percussion. From the beginning back in 2008 he helped start up Shaw Hill with a mission to break down barriers between the many different sub genres in rock music. Tyler has been playing drums since the age of 14. With influences ranging from punk, funk, reggae and blues all the way to heavy rock and metal, he aims to bring his best performance into every live show.

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